Full Paper Submission

All papers must be submitted in the IEEE standard two-column conference format of A4 size in English. Papers must be TWO to FOUR pages in length, including all texts, references, figures and photographs. Any submitted paper that exceeds four pages will be rejected. The first page must include the title of the paper, author(s), affiliation(s), address, and article text. Please do not include page numbers on submitted documents. Failing to conform the standard format will result in rejection. Detailed format information is available in Microsoft Word format. The paper should consist of original and previously unpublished work, including specific results. The introduction of the paper should clearly indicate the unique aspects of the submission and how it relates to previous work.

  • Email, alternate email/s, Telephone & FAX Number.
  • Summary of the Paper.
  • Student Authors are requested to mark their paper as "Student Paper" when submitting for consideration under ‘Student Category’.

Please submit in IEEE format on our WEBSITE.
First Call for papers Aug - 2018
Second Call for Papers Sept - 2018
Third and Final Call for Papers Oct - 2018
Deadline for Full Paper Submission 15th - Oct - 2018
Notification of Acceptance of Full Paper 30th - Nov - 2018
Deadline for submission of Full Paper 15th - Dec - 2018

Please note that authors may be required to submit their papers and presentations for internal review. The papers will undergo Blind Reviews; therefore, authors are requested to submit their papers in two copies, one without name and affiliations for this purpose.

Further, authors are requested to begin the process of approval for publication at their respective organizations / labs / universities, at the time of paper submittal in order to complete the approval process on or before the e-manuscript deadline of 15th December, 2018.